Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'M VACK .... VACK .... VACK !!!!

Hellooooo mga vading!!!!

Sabay lunok ng bato !!!!!!!!!!


Andito na naman ang inyong malditang vading! Si Darna Anek anek !!!

Vuhay pa va kayo nga juneknek!!!
Ahaaaaaaaayyyyyyy !!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This is a recipe from my Tia Vading:

You need:
3 malalaking talong (big eggplants)
2 malalaking kamatis (2 tomatoes)
2 itlog (2 eggs)

Pakuluan ang mga talong ng around 5 minutes.
Himashimasin hanggang labasan ng mga laman.
Slice the tomatoes to tiny pieces and mix with talong.
Salsalin ang mga itlog and mix into the talong.
Ang zarap mga iha... sige kain na! Pakangkang ka? Sarap.


I jest saw this film, but then ohhhh my geshhhl.... the voice of Maxy izzz so soft like the voice of an angel... Zana nilakasan na lang nya ng kunti, dievahhhhhhh!!!



jUICE Ko poooooooooo... naglipana na ang kabadingan Julipinas..kaya naimbyerna ang ating kafatiran na si Mrs Okray Isagani Fuentes de las Cruzina... ang futah, nilapastangan ang mga kafatiran... siguro ay gusto lang niya ng limelight kaya naman jumulat ang Isay ng kanyang writeup na itets.... Hwag maimbyerna mga juding... pakana lang yan ng Daily Inquirer nga ba?


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Okrayan Blues (Putting down other faggots)

Yesterday, this gay friend of mine who thought that he/she is the best... keeps on whinging and putting down (okraying) one of our gay amiga (friend).

I noticed that most gay gays are like this. Why? Is it because we were brought up insecure with ourselves that we throw sands, gravels and putik (wet soil) at other gay friends.

This should definitely be stopped. One way of doing this is to look at ourselves first and see our own faults and imperfections. Learn to treat other people as we want ourselves be treated.

What do you think?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Mwah, Mwah, and more Mwahsssss

On my last vacation to the Philippines, we went to this gay show called "The Club Mwah" in Boni, Mandaluyong and all I could say is that this is really fantastic, funtastic, fabulous show. I am so thrilled to the max. The Club Mwah on its Bedazzled III show is definitely one of the shows that any self respecting pinoy gay guy should go and watch. It is definitely worth more than the P500 peysos entrance fee. Visit their website to see some video clips and photos

The following is an article from Malaya


Here are some gay filipino lingos:

Bading - pronounced as baaa- ding; gay, homo, effiminate
Bakla - pronounced as back -laaa; faggot
Bakleta - little princess
Jokla - a derivation of Bakla used by street faggots, as in calling Hoy Jokla! (Hail Faggot!)
Vaklesh - a faggot with a sense of style
Pamin or Paminta - a straight acting gay guy, or a faggot in closet
Gerlash - acting like a girl

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can Anyone Send me a DVD please!

I have been following the journey of this Indie Movie to the film festivals and the movie world. Recently it won awards in the Berlin Festival. Well, from the moment I saw the first releases photos in the website until this time, I have been wishing for friends to bring me over a copy of the DVD with English subtitle. I am just sooooooo excited. Just awhile ago, I saw a movie clip in TFC channel and it seems to be really funny - as in Maximo was cleaning or arranging the pinagtulugan (making up the bed) while acting like a princess. Hmmm, a lot of gay guys could really relate to this.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Olah de las Putah!

Hello everyone (mga baklesh, bakleta),

Ohhhhh Divahhhhhh !!!! We have our own place in the sun. As always. Vonggastick!

This izzz just a fun (funny) blogsite where I post whatevah catches my attention regarding gay and pro gay events, personal experiences, news (chizmis), happenings, people, objects and issues about filipino gays (kavadingan) in particular or gay related.

For non filipino readers, I will also post every now and then gay languages or lingo (swardspeak) that make gay Filipinos really unique, alive and funnier to be with!
With much love,